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The Project Management Methodology is designed to help organisations successfully deliver their projects.

A Project Management Methodology is a set of appropriate repeatable processes designed to help organisations achieve consistency, flexibility and efficiency, as wells as improving the quality of managing projects. It typically consists of process descriptions, templates, roles and responsibilities, life cycles, work breakdown structures and other useful support information.

Why do all organisations develop need to implement and follow a PM Methodology? To answer this question let us look at the following advantages of having a clear and practical PM methodology:

• Improve alignment of projects to enterprise strategy;
• Increase competitive advantage, where appropriate;
• Produce better business results faster and cheaper;
• Help predict staffing requirements on priority efforts;
• Improve management information in the areas of least visibility;
• Assure the best use of enterprise funds and resources;
• Identify knowledge, skills and competences required;
• Improve skills and performance of project teams;
• Assure appropriate ownership of processes and results;
• Increase stakeholder satisfaction.

SKILLS has a strong history in designing, developing and implementing methodologies, guidelines and processes that aid the consistent delivery of programmes and projects. An integrated methodology generate documents/reports such as: PMO documents, planning & scheduling reports, project controls, cost/time recordings, contractual conditions, tender administration, as well as a complete documentation of the project management activities. These are all based on internationally recognised and accepted standards and best practices.

Specific aspects include:
• Programme management methodology;
• Project management methodology;
• Programme/project management office methods, guidelines & procedures;
• Tender and contract administration procedures and guidelines;
• Executive level report formats and dashboards.

SKILLS with its alliance with PMOLink and Bot International will help your organisation to successfully manage projects of all kinds and sizes. The project management process provides the information you need to be a successful project manager. It includes a step-by-step approach, which starts with the basics and gets more sophisticated as your projects needs get more complex. It is developed as a flow of processes that help managers define the beginning and the end of a project and provide a framework for managing all the work that goes in between.

Project management methodologies provide the platform to success. Yet, there are a handful of characteristics that differentiate effective and efficient methods from ineffective and weak ones:

• Guiding processes for those who are new to project work;
• Identifying key roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders;
• Identifying skills or competences needed;
• Providing useful templates and examples;
• Providing project life cycles for projects of various types and sizes that contain detailed WBS examples;
• Providing audit checklists that assure that processes are properly governed and end-results are meaningful;
• Being customisable by enterprises and project teams;
• Being tool-neutral;
• Offering a range of solutions for the various project needs;
• Saving effort, time and cost;
• Implementing efficient and effective risk management processes;
• Implementing ‘best practice’ methodologies and processes.

SKILLS develops and implements to its clients specifically customised methodologies to adequately support their businesses. In today’s business world it is critical for the success of organisations to be able to adequately cope with project related problems and resolve them in a timely manner, especially the ones with high strategic importance. Otherwise, big financial and reputational damages can follow.

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