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The ability of an organisation to successfully execute major strategic initiatives is deeply tied to mastering programme and project management practices. Implementing a business strategy through an integrated set of projects typically presents considerable business, leadership, management and technical challenges that usually are quite demanding.

Yet, many organisations are ill-equipped to effectively handle the complexity of defining, organising, planning and managing large-scale programmes, strategic portfolios, as well as individual projects.

SKILLS can assist you in the process of successfully handling your duties as part of a steering committee or advisory board for the duration of your portfolio, programme or project. Furthermore, we conduct and provide unbiased health checks, post implementation reviews, independent quality assurance audits (IQA’s) and comprehensive summary reports that offer valuable recommendations.

SKILLS is passionate about adding real value to our clients' activities. Our team is continuing to expand and to offer clients the best practices from the multi-sector business world. No matter whether it is better leadership that you organisation seeks, state of the art training, change management support, or any of our comprehensive resource services, you'll find that SKILLS is the right choice that will add significant value to your endeavours.

We are able to assess and compare your organisation and people against the world’s best practices using recognised standards, such as the 4-Step Maturity Model™. This service can be further enhanced by using of our comprehensive and secure database, which contains data from hundreds of assessments and detailed project breakdowns around the Asia Pacific region, thus allowing us to conduct virtually a limitless analysis across industry sector and/or geography.

Specific aspects include:
• Guidance on specific criteria to be assessed;
• Global and/or industry ‘best practice’ benchmarking;
• Maturity development strategy and plans.

You cannot just sit back and watch projects running and expect projects to be profitable.

SKILLS has a strong history of designing and developing methodologies, guidelines and processes to aid its multinational clients to consistently deliver their programmes and projects on time, within the budgets and the right quality. This may include PMO documents, planning & scheduling, project controls, cost/time recording, contractual conditions, tender administration, as well complete project management methodologies. They are all based on internationally recognised and accepted standards and best practices. In addition, we design and implement Executive Information Systems (EIS), comprising of tools such as dashboards and strategic governance reports.

SKILLS has provided PM consulting services to many organisations. We believe that sharing our knowledge and expertise with our clients open new horizons and give them the grounds to start thinking ‘outside the box’. This process is vital for businesses because it breaks down project and programme issues and problems and contributes towards their successful resolutions.

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