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Our expertise in consultancy and trainings has been gained throughout the long years of hard work with our clients. Our company has the ability to challenge paradigms and offer strategies for competitive advantage. Our unique capabilities are recognised by all our clients.

The future of businesses is heavily impacted by the numerous stages that organisations need to go through as a result of both normal and critical situations. We can help your company to efficiently plan, prepare, implement and follow the right strategies for going through the necessary change management processes.

Our broad experience allows us to provide accurate strategic governance services, which include feasibility studies, governance structures, strategic implementation plans and high-level cost estimating and budgeting in any type of project, programme or portfolio environments.

Specific aspects include:
• Organisational Governance Structures;
• Strategic Governance & Analysis;
• Feasibility Studies;
• Portfolio, Programme & Project Planning;
• Business Case Inputs, Preparation, Analysis and Recommendations;
• Business Benefits Realization Guidance;
• Development of suitable KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

SKILLS team is professionally trained to deliver professional consulting services to its clients. Among these services are the development and implementation of the objectives, strategies and plans required for the implementation of a clear vision and mission. To achieve this organisations need to go through the following stages:

• Vision - the vision of business owners, company directors and decision makers for their business or organisation is translated into a strategy;
• Strategy - refining the strategy: formulate, articulate, challenge and crystallize the strategy and set goals;
• Plan - turn high level strategy statements into actions and translate these into plans. Define what must happen and by when. Appropriate tools are roadmaps and storyboard that depict how strategies turn into outcomes;
• Process - the process defines who does what, when and how. Processes always result in outcomes. Identify gaps between what is currently being done and what needs be done. Cross these gaps and manage change through actions, tasks and projects;
• Projects - use projects to drive implementation and to realize outcomes for the plan;
• How we deliver - our services consists of our own and our partners’ methodologies that we apply on different stages.

There is a very logical connection between change elements and project/programme management. SKILLS has all the necessary knowledge to help your organisation go seamlessly through the change management processes.

In order to better serve its clients SKILLS has developed a range of key relationships with other international professional organisations to obtain modern and adequate tools and methodologies which compliment, thus add greater value to our range of consulting services.

Specific aspects include:
• Balanced Score Card expertise;
• Human Resource Management;
• Financial Management;
• Project Consulting;
• Methodology Development;
• PMO Set-up and Implementation.

We can help your organisation benefit from aligning its IT with its business needs and strategies through a combination of comprehensive portfolio of services, methodologies, tools and expertise from both our own and certified partners. SKILLS is the right choice that can guide your organisation on the road to business performance excellence.

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